Are you burned out from teaching? Are you tired of being a teacher, and want to pursue another career? Do you think that life is too short to deal with the stresses of teaching? Are you just needing a change of scenery? Or, did you just graduate with a degree in education but just don't want to teach in the classroom? If so, you're not alone. In fact, "burned out from teaching", "tired of teaching", "sick and tired of teaching", and "non-teaching jobs in education" are commonly searched phrases on Yahoo…. Try a new career or a part-time job with Road Rules Driving School!

Road Rules Driving School is always looking for the "Right People" to join our team. For many years we have endeavored to provide the public with a quality of service that sets the standard for driving instruction. From our Office Staff, to our Defensive Driving Classroom instructors, to our Drunk Driver Program Coordinators, to our District Managers and to our Driving Instructors very individual is carefully chosen, meticulously trained, and they are all part of the reason Road Rules Driving School has become one of the most successful driving schools in this state.

We are always looking to expand into new regions and new areas of instruction. The potential for individual growth is only as limited as the individual. Someone entering on the ground floor over time could find themselves in a management position and running their own district, to the ultimate endeavor, opening a Road Rules Driving School franchise.


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Many people are extremely content with the pure joy of teaching. The experience of teaching someone to drive is really unparalleled. The change it has on a student’s life is incredible. Sure everyone eventually learns to drive but when you take an adult for example who has never driven, prepare them for their written exam, train them in behind the wheel and then take them for their driving test and see their expression when they pass their test, that is priceless.

Our instructors get hundreds of letters every year praising and thanking them. The stories of how getting a license has changed their lives; they got a better job, they were able to move because they could now drive and didn't have to take the bus, they moved away from their parents’ house, they stopped being a burden to their children these are just a few examples.

When was the last time someone praised you for your work or gave you a card, present, tip, hug or just a simple thank you that you know they really meant? This does not stop with just our customers. Our office staff and management truly know how to treat employees "Like People". We offer a great starting salary and the endless opportunity for advancement based on performance. This is not your typical dead end job. We are really more like a large family each doing their part to help make the family grow. Each year we have employee evaluations, scheduled meetings to discuss policy and growth, annual holiday parties and bonuses based on attitude and performance. We offer a wide variety of positions and are always taking applications for the "Right People.” If this is the type of place you wished you worked at, if you can give a 110% everyday, if you can show up on time every day without fail knowing someone is relying on you, if you take pride in everything you do, if you have the desire to help people, or have the burning desire to make a mark in this world then call our offices and find out how to become part of the Road Rules Driving School Team.


Are you looking for an exciting franchise opportunity? Then you're in the right place! Road Rules Driving School is pleased to offer franchises across the United States and we'd love to tell you more.

From initial assistance in getting your franchise setup to ongoing support to help you succeed, we're with you every step of the way.

  • Unmatched Franchise Support
  • Industry Leading Technology
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Initial and Ongoing Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Positive Contribution to Your Community

Name Recognition

One of the main reasons business owners consider getting a franchise is it allows them to buy into a business with an established reputation. This can be a huge benefit, especially if the driving school is well known nationally.
Name recognition helps when it comes to marketing and promotion, but it also helps build confidence and rapport with potential customers, since they will already be familiar with your parent company. This is particularly important for a driving school since the activity is potentially dangerous; therefore, customers may be wary of independent businesses and choose to go with an established company that has a good safety record and standardized accreditation processes.

Training & Support

In addition to your own training, you will also send someone through our Pre Opening Procedures program, which will prepare you and/or one of your employees to train your staff, and understand as well as learn all what makes us successful, so that when you return to your area of operation, you will be equally or more successful than us! Following your Grand Opening, you will continue to have access to members of our support team for any other questions you may have. We want to be available to you, because when you are successful, we all are successful!


Road Rules Driver Education has developed many highly successful, low financially risky marketing techniques. All designed to grab your customer's and potential customer's attention. Our Marketing Department is also available to answer questions, assist you through your Grand Opening and help design and develop custom programs to expand your customer base and increase your sales. A big advantage of buying into a franchise is that you will receive marketing support from your parent company. Often, your school will be listed in their directory, and any advertising they do will directly benefit you, since your business will be part of their brand. Your parent company may be the default referral for your area's high schools, which means you'll have a built-in customer base. Keep in mind that this marketing support does not come for free---in exchange, most parent companies require that franchise owners send them a percentage of their profits every month or quarterly.

My name is Yvette, and I live in Elizabeth. I have a daughter whom is deaf, and recently obtained her drivers permit. I have never seen her so happy. She was excited because she has something regular kids her age have, a permit. That happiness was about to change. It was time to find a driving instructor for her. I searched high and low and called every driving school in the Union, Essex, Middlesex, and Bergen County area. All of the schools refused to teach her how to drive because she was deaf. I was so upset and hurt, because they were not even willing to give her a chance. I didn't have the heart to tell my daughter so I kept lying telling her, I was waiting for call backs. Well as luck would have it one day at DMV someone I know there introduced me to a driving instructor. We started talking and I explained my situation. Without hesitation he was willing to teach my daughter how to drive. Later that week I arranged to have him come and meet my daughter. As luck would have it she took to him well that he took her driving. When she came home and he left she was like a kid in a candy store. I have never seen her fingers move so fast in sign language to tell me how it went. I could tell I found the right person and the right driving school. My daughter bugs me every day to call or email him so she can drive. She enjoys her time with him. She says he is very calm and relaxed and he makes driving fun. She said he doesn't treat like a Deaf person; he treats her like a person. That right there was the highlight that made me cry....The driving school is ROAD RULES DRIVING SCHOOLand the instructors name is MIKE..

If you or anyone you know with a (any) disability, before you drive yourself crazy searching for a driving school or instructor call him. You will not regret it. I promise you. Between him and his staff you cannot find any better. They will make you feel like family. So remember if you want to learn call ROAD RULES ask for MIKE. If you want to waste your time and money than call someone else.

Mike was extremely professional and courteous during my daughter's driving lesson. For someone who was nervous driving, he made her feel very relaxed and confident. I find now that she is a very confident driver and knows the rules of the road extremely well. I am so thankful that my daughter had such a great instructor! Thanks to Mike I am a little bit more relaxed with the idea of her driving!

I am happy to recommend Mike and Road Rules Driving School. Not only did Mike quickly form a trusting relationship with my daughter and tailor his instruction exactly to her needs, but he went above and beyond driving instruction. He patiently answered all my questions via phone and email, and he even went to the DMV for us to reschedule my daughters road test appointment! He made us both feel confident, welcoming my participation in the process, and his prices are competitive. I will definitely be calling Mike again when my younger daughters are ready to learn to drive.