"Road Rules is a demanding employer, and they’re proud of it. There is an extensive curriculum and require high standards, from both our students and our teachers."

At Road Rules Driving School, our philosophy is prevention instead of correction. This means that we are focused on giving each and every student a clear and strong driving foundation which will stay with them for life. Our lesson plans involve clarity in right of way rules, control of the vehicle, road test preparation along with transportation to the road test, as well as imparting defensive driving techniques. Each and every student is important to us, and you will enjoy personalized service from the moment you call us, until your final lesson behind the wheel. All of our instructors are friendly and approachable, and they’re determined to put safe, responsible drivers on the road. We teach proper techniques and effective in-car safety, and from the feedback we’re getting from parents and students, it’s clear that we’re not just meeting our goals-we’re exceeding them. We always emphasize safety and driver responsibility, and it shows!

After having met the State of New Jersey’s requirements for becoming a driver education instructor, In addition to being state certified, each instructor must complete extensive Road Rules certification. This includes a specific extensive training course that has been developed for all instructors. This universal system for instruction guarantees that all our students are learning properly. Instructors are also required to pass our own written exam and defensive driving courses, as well as crash avoidance training. Management works with the educators constantly, always exposing them to new teaching techniques. We foster a family environment amongst employees, and as a result your child is guaranteed a positive learning environment. No other driving school in the state offers such an extensive training program for their instructors. Our instructors are given career positions with good salaries. They are not doing some part-time job that they don't care about. This is one of the reasons you're getting the best. We care about our teachers; they are the highest paid instructors in the state. They care about their jobs and the people they teach. Your child will receive quality driving time. Instead of spending their hours driving around parking lots, they will constantly be facing real world conditions. In addition to learning all of the maneuvers they will be tested on, they will drive in the city, on the highway, during most types of inclement weather and yes, that includes snow!

At Road Rules Driving School, we employ only the best! Our professional staff includes New Jersey State Department of Education certified teachers, coaches, policemen, professional drivers and educational administrators in local communities. We can provide adaptive equipment recommendations and in-vehicle training for clients with special challenges or learning disabilities. Our caring, polite, informative, & educated team members have joined forces to provide the community with the highest standard in driver education services. All staff members attend conferences throughout the year, which allows us to maintain our certifications and provide our clients with the latest strategies in safe driving. As trained teachers, our instructors have a vested interest in creating a safer driving environment. As a result, our students learn lessons of responsibility they will never forget and have the opportunity to see teachers in a positive light as instructors and mentors.

  • Bi-lingual instructors available
  • Unmatched Experience & Real World Lessons to Share.
  • 1st Aid & CPR certified
  • Experts at Road Safety
  • Courteous, patient, professional, reliable and friendly.
  • Best instructors the industry has to offer
  • All instructors are licensed through NJ motor vehicle commission (NJMVC)
  • All employees are subjected to federal background
  • ALL instructors are New Jersey State Department of Education teachers & coaches in local communities.
  • We have experience in dealing with high school age students
  • Special education training
  • Expert knowledge of Motor Vehicle Laws

Road Rules was founded by Michael Pielech in 2010 and has been growing ever since.

Mike has always been fixated with driving from motorcycles, cars, forklifts, reach trucks, go carts, jet skis, to boats! It was to no avail that driving was a passion, and instructing came second nature. Prior to Road Rules, he worked 6 years as an instructor for Claudio Canonaco, of Right Way Driving School. Mike has been a certified driving instructor since 2005 and is licensed through the New Jersey State Department of Education and the NJDMV as a driving instructor. Mike has been employed as Phys. Ed. of teacher and a coach since 2005. His credentials include full licensure from the NJ department of Education and NJ motor Vehicle Commission.

"I carefully select coaches in different disciplines….. As a coach, we can break down a skill to its simplest form so the student can easily comprehend….It is not a matter of just saying and doing. Driving is a motor skill, there many different types of verbal and non-verbal cues along with prompting and staging, driving is the combination of kinesthetic and spatial awareness."

Here are a few of Road Rules's Driving School's brave employees:

Mr. P
Road Test Service

Diego W. Munoz
Health and Physical Education Teacher
Township of Union New Jersey

Diego is pleased to be part of the Road Rules team since November 2012. He has been in education for over 20 years. His career began at Dickinson High School in Jersey City as a Health Teacher, and he coached several sports including football, basketball, volleyball and soccer. He continued his passion for teaching in The Township of Union, where he is currently a Health and Physical Education Teacher.

Diego’s mission as a Road Rules team member is to provide his students with the driving skills needed to become responsible and low risk drivers. His students aim to develop driving skills which include the social, physical and mental abilities necessary to become safe, courteous, and cooperative drivers on the road. He extends his professional teaching philosophy to the roadway, and teaches each client using an individual plan for success.

Diego is also a trained snowboarding instructor at the Adaptive Sports Foundation in Windham, New York where he volunteers his time. The ASF is a well known organization which provides skiing and snowboarding training for both children and adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities and chronic illnesses. Diego also volunteers with the Wounded Warrior Project through the support of the Adaptive Sports Foundation. Diego is an animal lover who enjoys the outdoors and adventure sports. His hobbies include mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and spending time cooking with family and friends when he isn’t vacationing in Disney World!

* BS in Education, Kean University * Member of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. * Member of the Association for Sport and Physical Education. * Professional Snowboarding Instructor, Adaptive Sports Foundation of America, Windham, New York. * Volunteer for the ASF at Windham Mountain Ski Resort. * Certified CPR * Certified Driving School Instructor DMV of NJ. ******** BRAKE FOR ANIMALS ******

Road Test Service

Hello my name is Gary! A little information about myself. I am currently teaching in the Union Township School District. I teach 5th grade language arts and social studies. In addition to teaching, I coached football for 9 years. I coached 4 years at Widener University, that is also where I played, and I coached 5 years at Union High School. I currently have my Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Widener University. I also have my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Widener University. I am currently working on my Master’s Degree at Kean University for School Administration. I will be finished this degree this December of 2013. I hope to become a principal and superintendent of schools in the very near future. I am married to a beautiful girl named Angela for three years, and I have a beautiful son named Jackson. I have been instructing driving for the last two years with Road Rules Driving School. I am very excited to have the opportunity of teaching our young men and young ladies one of the most exciting things in their life, as well as one of the most important and responsible things in their life, which is driving. When I get my students behind the wheel for the first time and they start to drive, the smile that comes across their face is priceless. It gives me great pride and satisfaction to see my students strive and succeed at this wonderful moment in their life.

At Road Rules Driving School we take this great opportunity to instruct your son and daughter with great respect, responsibility, and integrity. We treat our students as if they were our own son and daughter. With my teaching and coaching background I have all the skills necessary to meet all the different learning styles and all the different levels of confidence when it comes to driving. I hope that you give our school an opportunity to teach your son or daughter one of the greatest experiences of their life. An experience that they will always take with them no matter where they drive. I look forward to having an opportunity to meet you and prove to you that this was the best choice you could make. I GUARANTEE IT!
Thank You,

Tammy & Tom

My name is Tom Filippone and I am a Health and Physical Education teacher in the Union Township Public Schools District. I graduated from Kean University in May of 2012. Since graduating I began working in Burnet Middle School, and Union High School in the 2012-2013 school year. For the 2013-2014 school year I will be teaching Physical Education at Hannah Caldwell Elementary School in Union. I grew up in Union, and attended Union High, where I played baseball all 4 years of High School. This past season I was the assistant coach of the Boys Middle School Baseball Team as well. Along with working in the schools I began working for Road Rules Driving School in 2012. I apply my teaching methods from coaching and Health/Physical Education classes, to teaching students of all ages on how to become safe defensive drivers on the road.

Our representatives are available to answer your inquiries anytime, day or night. You may contact me at (855) NJ- PERMIT. We are looking forward in sharing our best with you.
Thank you for your trust in our school.

My name is Yvette, and I live in Elizabeth. I have a daughter whom is deaf, and recently obtained her drivers permit. I have never seen her so happy. She was excited because she has something regular kids her age have, a permit. That happiness was about to change. It was time to find a driving instructor for her. I searched high and low and called every driving school in the Union, Essex, Middlesex, and Bergen County area. All of the schools refused to teach her how to drive because she was deaf. I was so upset and hurt, because they were not even willing to give her a chance. I didn't have the heart to tell my daughter so I kept lying telling her, I was waiting for call backs. Well as luck would have it one day at DMV someone I know there introduced me to a driving instructor. We started talking and I explained my situation. Without hesitation he was willing to teach my daughter how to drive. Later that week I arranged to have him come and meet my daughter. As luck would have it she took to him well that he took her driving. When she came home and he left she was like a kid in a candy store. I have never seen her fingers move so fast in sign language to tell me how it went. I could tell I found the right person and the right driving school. My daughter bugs me every day to call or email him so she can drive. She enjoys her time with him. She says he is very calm and relaxed and he makes driving fun. She said he doesn't treat like a Deaf person; he treats her like a person. That right there was the highlight that made me cry....The driving school is ROAD RULES DRIVING SCHOOLand the instructors name is MIKE..

If you or anyone you know with a (any) disability, before you drive yourself crazy searching for a driving school or instructor call him. You will not regret it. I promise you. Between him and his staff you cannot find any better. They will make you feel like family. So remember if you want to learn call ROAD RULES ask for MIKE. If you want to waste your time and money than call someone else.

Mike was extremely professional and courteous during my daughter's driving lesson. For someone who was nervous driving, he made her feel very relaxed and confident. I find now that she is a very confident driver and knows the rules of the road extremely well. I am so thankful that my daughter had such a great instructor! Thanks to Mike I am a little bit more relaxed with the idea of her driving!

I am happy to recommend Mike and Road Rules Driving School. Not only did Mike quickly form a trusting relationship with my daughter and tailor his instruction exactly to her needs, but he went above and beyond driving instruction. He patiently answered all my questions via phone and email, and he even went to the DMV for us to reschedule my daughters road test appointment! He made us both feel confident, welcoming my participation in the process, and his prices are competitive. I will definitely be calling Mike again when my younger daughters are ready to learn to drive.